Thursday, June 08, 2006


we went for our interview with the Glasgow Steiner School yesterday. The most amazing thing about it is that laurie says he feels 10/10 about it. He has not felt 10/10 about anything for as long as I can remember!!!!!

We use numbers to guage feelings because it is the best way for laurie to explain how he feels about something and I know his scaling system so well that I can accurately guage what his reaction to something is. (Is that a split infinative - I know I do them alot).

to boldly go.....

anyway Tim had a good old laugh at the interview because they said that laurie wasn't allowed to watch TV or play computers!!!!!!! he said my expression was priceless...

alert alert - this is boy who is learning german, chess , geography and history online. This is the boy who takes digital photos, manipulates them and makes art!!!

so on the one hand we have 10/10 and on the other we have - change this family forever!!!!

we'll try it anyway....

Tim said that I looked so shocked bacause I wouldn't be able to spend so much time on flickr!!!!

So did I get my new camera lens for my birthday or did I get a book.

Hey I got a book

but so funny - the book is about the psychology of internet addiction. I think he's trying to tell me something!!!!!

this one is called only shine

only shine
I only shine
with you
you see
the reflection of yourself
mirrored between the two


Joker The Lurcher said...

glad the school got the thumbs up! i have a friend whose daughter has to be the only person to be excluded from a steiner school. she (the daughter) is one of owen's friends from babyhood and is a real character. maybe she got excluded because of watching telly...

seriously - sounds really positive. they are great schools from what people say.

Lou McGill said...

I've read of some successes and some failures with this kind of education for kids with autism - so not sure if it will work. we'll give it a go. haven't heard back yet!