Sunday, December 21, 2008


have decided to change the apperance of the blog in light of my new approach to incoprporate all elements of life...

it has pink instead of dark black - maybe about to have a girly phase (slightly unlikely) but is lighter and brighter - hoping for a lighter and brighter new year too (well it may happen).

working my way up to doing a top ten tools and technology entry a la steve wheeler's blog covering a range of elearning top tens (so high fidelity). actually must say I wanted to hate the film cause the book was set in the UK and I have lived with that guy (or I may be that guy) however John Cusack did convert me somewhat; )

must warn you though i do not have an ipod (well of course I am still into vinyl) or an iphone and therefore do not understand half of the tweets I see. my list is likely to be a bit low tech and not very geeky.

I am resisting getting an ipod and an Asus eepc but have alot of photogtaphic technologies on my list of must have technologies. have just got a fabulous rollei 35 and an olympus pen camera. so old fashioned of me - but I do scan from film and store and share digitally.

Haven't got any prints from these yet but in the spirit of keeping the analogue alive here is a holga toy camera 120mm shot...

double exposure with doris day

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