Thursday, May 28, 2009

new blog launched

I've decided to keep a separate wedding photography blog so that any potential clients don't have to wade through lots of other stuff.

Go and take a look...

This now means I have 4 websites and 2 blogs to maintain - perhaps I need to simplify my life; ))

I have recently revamped my websites. I have changed them around so that the wedding photography site is now a non-flash site which is more friendly for search engines. It has also gone from a black to white background which apparently brides prefer (so says someone in a SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) forum.

Wedding photography website:

Art photography website:

Fora anyone interested in the educational consultancy work and wants to see the CV then I'm at

1 comment:

joker the lurcher said...

lou - every time i look at your photos it makes me want to put away my camera! i am so envious of your skill!

ps - the word verification for this was 'chilme' - your blog is trying to tell you something!