Friday, March 17, 2006


yes I need some buffers.

I've been bashed around a bit in the last few days and I need some cotton wool.

My son has been excluded from school - his behaviour is unacceptable....

he has had a 'meltdown' (common terminology in the world of aspergers syndrome)

there is construction work going on at his schools - this overloads his senses. the school report no undue noise levels. I finally have an URGENT referral to the childrens psychiatric department. Well what does it take...

swearing at a teacher
exclusion from school
saying you want to die
self harm

"it could take 3 months to see someone" - well actually this is just not good enough.

I still don't have a diagnosis - this makes me vulnerable.

But hey - don't mess with this mum.

I am on his case... and I will never give up on him...

how do you sense the world?

you should see his photos on flickr...

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